30 September 2009

Mothers Of Ethiopia Part I: Zemzem's Journey

Four Defecting Ethiopian Soldiers Arrive

East Africa drought in fifth year, millions hungry

Ethiopia vows to continue oil venture amide rebel threat

27 September 2009

Q+A-What is Eritrea's role in Somalia?

Ethiopia arrests 480 opponents - coalition

Obama’s ‘Red Carpet,’ Up Close and Personal

Food shortage puts millions of Ethiopian children at risk – aid group

22 September 2009

Ethiopian rebels deny helping Somali Islamists

Ethiopian activities to rally at G-20 summit in Pittsburgh

Ethiopia: Ethnic Federalism Could Lead to Election Violence

UK- Ethiopian ‘Assurances’ No Guarantee Against Torture

Sudan, Ethiopia to implement border demarcation in October

Eritrea: World’s biggest prison for journalists eight years
after September 2001 round-ups

17 September 2009

Ethnic violence claim is contemptible

Ethiopia says two suspects confessed plotting against state

Kidnapping of Children for sale increases

Native St. Louisan Michael Battle named new ambassador to the African Union

Building Democratic Ethiopia ‘Nation of Individuality’

Ethiopian rebels warn foreign firms against oil exploration

Open letter to the government of the Sudan
withdraw from Ethiopian territory fast!

A blueprint for political action

Ethiopia opposition says its members being jailed

09 September 2009

Ethiopia's ruling party tells Meles to stay on

Ethiopia: Conflict, violence displaced 300,000 this year

US Urges Ethiopia to Drop Charges Against VOA Reporters

Too Late, Too Superifical

Ethiopia: Famine of Leadership

06 September 2009

Ethnic Federalism and Its Discontents

Human rights violations and conflicts continue to cause displacement

Ethiopian court sentences six to death for massacre

UW students imprisoned in Ethiopia

Fighting blindness may prevent deaths in Ethiopia

03 September 2009

Acute watery diarrhea outbreak kills 15

Funding of Petah Tikva schools refusing Ethiopian students cut

Cellphones and Brain Tumors15 Reasons for Concern

Eritrea world’s second biggest militarized state

Ethiopia’s ex-president accuses government of "pre-election harassment"

Failure to Deliver- The Journey of the Oromo Liberation
Front in the Last Two Decades (Part I)


29 August 2009

Ethiopia troops enter strategic Somali town

Ethiopia gets IMF loan to cope with global recession

Ethiopia jails two editors - press-watchdog

Conference Resolutions of Ethiopian Democratic Hibrehizb Unity Movement (EDHUM)

Western Self-Serving Interests or African Security?

Open letter to SEc.-Gen. Ban Ki-moon

Ethiopian woman gang raped and beaten to death in UAE

26 August 2009

Ethiopia’s drought survivors need urgent help to avert health crisis

Free market without freedom

4 Ethiopian athletes missing in Scotland

19 August 2009

Yichalal ይቻላል ቁጥር 3

Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki escaped assassination
attempt by members of the Eritrean Defence Forces

Arbitration panel orders Eritrea and Ethiopia to pay war compensations

16 August 2009

Drought and Famine: Ethiopia's Cycle Continues

Amid hunger, foreign companies in race to 'grab' Ethiopia's arable land

Ethiopian Semay

13 August 2009

Pop star Teddy Afro freed from jail in Ethiopia

Egged bus driver to Ethiopian: No blacks allowed

A long-lasting leader faces growing problems at home and abroad

Ethiopia accuses Kenyan TV of providing platform to "terror group

Ethiopia convicts 13 in absentia over coup plot

Many more African migrants risk Yemen voyage


11 August 2009

Southern region gripped by food shortage

Ethiopia's passion for bureaucracy

The Devastating Effects of the New Colonialists

09 August 2009

U.S. Chamber and USTR Kirk to Meet with Ethiopian
Prime Minister to Discuss Expanding Trade

U.S. Policy Shift Needed in the Horn of Africa

Recording Ethiopia's Red Terror

04 August 2009

Eritrean rebels claim successful attack on intelligence center

Ethiopia sentences Canadian to life on terrorism charges

Mass Arrests of Oromos in Addis Ababa

Emami Biotech to set up biofuel project in Ethiopia