Welcome to the Internet pages of the Ethiopian Medhin Democratic Party (MEDHIN). Thank you so much for showing interest in our Party and our Policies.

The Rule of Law and Civil Rights

MEDHIN strongly believes that the state has primary responsibility of safeguarding, nurturing and ensuring the human and democratic rights of its citizens.
MEDHIN is committed to the primacy of the rule of law in all acts of government and to the prohibition of any violation of the rights of citizens without due process of law.
MEDHIN unequivocally adopts the UN and AU declarations on Human Rights as its own.

Multi-Party Federal Democracy

MEDHIN advocates the establishment of a parliamentary federal multi-party democracy in Ethiopia.
MEDHIN proposes to consider the constitutions of the United States, India and Switzerland as reference models in the careful drafting of a federal constitution for Ethiopia.
MEDHIN is strongly committed to the principle of the equality of all of the groups that constitutes Ethiopia.

Free Market Economy

MEDHIN is committed to a free market economic system for Ethiopia. Private land ownership shall not be restricted.

Ethiopia’s Unity

MEDHIN is committed to Ethiopia’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity as a nation-state which extends to her internationally recognised borders on land, air and sea.
MEDHIN does not subscribe to the erroneous notion that the principle of self determination can be used to break up a sovereign state on the basis of race, religion, culture, or ethnicity.

Peace and Reconciliation

MEDHIN believes that the mutual interest of the diverse groups in Ethiopia by far exceed their differences and special interests.
MEDHIN is strongly committed to a peaceful resolution of disputes through an independent  and impartial judicial system.

Foreign Policy

MEDHIN believes that Ethiopia’s foreign policy should be based on the principles of peaceful relations, mutual respect, and non-interference in the internal affairs of any nation state.

MEDHIN is committed to establish a federal, multi-party democracy firmly rooted in the principles of freedom, equality, liberty and justice for all. MEDHIN is dedicated to rid Ethiopia of war, hunger, disease, poverty and economic backwardness by marshalling
its human and natural resources.

I would like to invite you to browse these pages and gain information about the MEDHIN and our Policies.


Prof. Seyoum Gelaye
Chairman of the MEDHIN

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