It is the right and duty of every Ethiopian to look for the right way in determining the destiny of the political and economic future of his/her country. You may personally wish or try to do something good for your country. But this alone is not enough. What is done individually is not as effective and fruitful as that done collectively. To make your dream for Ethiopia come true, join the Ethiopian Medhin Democratic Party (MEDHIN).

MEDHIN is a democratic, genuinely multi-ethnic and broad based Ethiopian political party which believes that unity based on equality and diversity is strength and is opposed to the tribal, ethnic and religious politics of the TPLF/EPRDF which undermines the social and human cohesion necessary for development. Members of Medhin include prominent scholars, former ministers and advisors, teachers, previous members of the Ethiopian armed forces trained and educated in the last two governments, businessmen and women and individuals from all walks of life of the Ethiopian society. Medhin is LEAD BY prominent individuals whose intellectual calibre and experience in government, in the academic, military and civilian communities in Ethiopia can not be matched by the present EPRDF lead government.

MEDHIN is a broad-based, genuinely multi-ethnic, credible and alternative democratic opposition party with a following from complete cross-section of people, in terms of ethnic composition, class, profession, age, and sex. Fulfil your national obligation by joining MEDHIN as a member, or help the struggle by being supporter, sympathizer or sponsor.

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